About FAHPi

FAHPi is a group of Filipino Australian Health professionals committed to provide support to all of its members practicing within Canberra and the surrounding region of the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) to ensure the continuous development and enrichment of their respective disciplines. Underpinning the principles of equity and equality, excellence to ethical professional practice of health and allied health services in ACT, the aim is to support the Australian values to achieve an egalitarian society, through social justice and social determinants of health.


The FAHPi envisions strong Filipino Australian Health professionals supporting a healthy nation in harmony with the ecosystem.


The FAHPi as the prime Filipino Australian health-related professional organisation representing the advocacy, policies, and professional development of Filipino Australians to aid in the achievement of health equity and equality including local and global support among its members and relevant stakeholders.

Four Pillar Purpose

1 - Policy
2 - Research and Implementation
3 - Advancement, Development and Philanthropy
4 - Services, Support and Outreach

Board of Directors

Executive Director, Dorothea Jane (DJ) Camangan
Director of Medical Program, Dr. Ramon Joel (Mon) Seastres
Director of Communications
Director of Advancement, Research & Policy
Director of Membership, Maria (Chari) Mercado
Director of Planning, Amor Seastres
Director of Events, Jimmy Valencia

Board of Directors


Dorothea Jane (DJ) Camangan

Executive Director

Dr. Ramon Joel Seastres

Director of Medical Program

Maria (Chari) Mercado

Director of Membership

Amor Seastres

Director of Planning

Jimmy Valencia

Director of Events