A Message to the Members

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Dear FAHPi Family,

I am the new Executive Director of FAHPi and I am incredibly honoured and excited for this opportunity to advance FAHPI’s mission to represent the advocacy, policies, and professional development of Filipino Australians to aid in the achievement of health equity and equality including local and global support among our members and relevant stakeholders.

This January 2021 marks the start of my term. I and the Board of Directors are working together to develop a strategic plan to continue the work of our past Executive Director, Marcelo Aguanta. We will be focusing on policy advocacy and relationship-building activities. It is imperative for FAHPi to become involved with policymaking and policymakers to raise awareness of the legislative and regulatory requirements that would affect our members. This will ensure that our agenda will be properly represented within the policy process. When we speak out, chances are we will be heard, listened to and be considered.

Similar to our day-to-day lives, a relationship requires a continual maintenance and effort to make it work. Whether it is friends, co-workers, family, or a significant other, we work together to achieve a stronger, loving and fulfilling relationship. Relationship building or cultivation within our members share many of these aspects. We will strive to continue to engage through a variety of communication and outreach channels, adapting with community as we adapt to the dynamic technology in media and communication.

Our Board of Directors remains the same. We recently welcomed Robelle (Belle) Lynne Aruta as our Communications Manager. Belle brings a wealth of skills in communication and website management. She will continue to manage the FAHPI website and make it more interesting, informational and resourceful. Please send us your comments via fahpinc@gmail.com on how we can improve our website and the ways you may use it to further promote our mission.

I have crossed paths with many of you and I hope that we can continue building relationships as I navigate this new role. I urge you all to connect with us, share your ideas, and let us know what we can do to support you. Consider joining a directorship of your choice so that we can maximize and put your skills and knowledge to great use. Each one of you have a role in FAHPi and you are a critical part of our future. Get in touch with Chari Mercado – fahpinc@gmail.com, Director of Membership, and start a discussion of what your interests and goals are for FAHPi.

I welcome the opportunity to hear and learn from you, share your thoughts and collaborate ideas, or simply to say, “Hello.” Together, we will be setting an even higher standard for Filipino-Australian health professionals in our community.


Dorothea Jane A. Camangan
Executive Director, FAHPi
Email: fahpinc@gmail.com
Canberra, Australia

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